Threatcop empowers organizational cybersecurity by empowering employees to defend against social engineering, protect from email attacks with People Security Management solutions.

Leader in People Security Management

Threatcop is a pioneer in People Security Management (PSM), helping organizations protect their weakest link against evolving cyber threats, focusing on social engineering and email attacks. Recognizing that humans can often be the weakest link in security, Threatcop strengthens this aspect through comprehensive awareness training and robust protective tools. Their unique AAPE Framework—Assess, Aware, Protect, Empower—forms the core of their strategy. Products like TSAT, TLMS, TDMARC, and TPIR collectively assess vulnerabilities, raise security awareness, protect through technology, and empower employees, transforming them into an informed and proactive defense line against cyber threats.

Multi-vector defense

Threatcop protects your organization against the full 360° spectrum of social engineering and email-based attacks, including Smishing, Phishing, WhatsApp Phishing, Vishing, and Ransomware.

Human risk management

Threatcop leverages the People Security Management Framework i.e. AAPE model that empowers your workforce, directly addressing the human risk factor.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose on-premise hosting for complete data control, or leverage local-cloud solutions. Threatcop adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Unwavering Compliance

Maintain complete peace of mind knowing your data is secure with industry-leading certifications like ISO, SOC2, and GDPR. Threatcop prioritizes the highest levels of data protection and security.

Solutions Offered

Threatcop Security Awareness Training

TSAT helps you assess the awareness level of your employees by running cyber-attack simulations and evaluating their vulnerabilities.

Threatcop LMS

TLMS helps you educate and train your employees about the latest threats through interactive quizzes, cyber comics, infographics, etc.

Threatcop DMARC

TDMARC helps you secure your domain and outbound email, ensuring outbound email security and authentication.

Threatcop Phishing Incident Response

TPIR provides a one-tap methodology for threat reporting that not only evaluates employees' cyber awareness but also empowers them against potential breaches.

About Threatcop

Threatcop stands out in the cybersecurity market with its unique AAPE Framework, focusing on human-centric security. Our integrated suite of AI-powered solutions—TSAT, TLMS, TDMARC, and TPIR—emphasizes employee empowerment and engagement in cybersecurity. We offer a data-driven, tailored approach with global reach and localized content. This comprehensive strategy not only enhances technological defenses but also transforms employees into proactive defenders, making Threatcop a leader in people-centric cybersecurity solutions.

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