Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 16, 2024 — Evanssion, a leading cybersecurity and cloud-native security distributor, today announced its strategic partnership with Threatcop, a pioneer in People Security Management. The collaboration enables Evanssion to distribute Threatcop’s People Security Management (PSM) solutions throughout the MEA region, making them accessible to its valued customers and partners.

A recent study carried out by Stanford University in collaboration with a cybersecurity firm found that employees’ mistakes are the causes of 88% of data breaches. Threatcop has been leading the way in tackling these issues, providing cutting-edge solutions made to shield companies from both internal and external attacks. Threatcop is dedicated to forming a future where human behaviour is a fundamental component of strong cybersecurity, having pioneered the all-encompassing People Security Management (PSM) and the unique AAPE Framework.

Threatcop believes this framework, enables enterprises to improve employee awareness, achieve proactive defense, and establish a strong security posture against contemporary cyber threats. It keeps workers interested and helps them proactively recognize and neutralize risks by using gamification, simulations, and real-time attack scenarios. Threatcop provides tools like anonymous reporting channels and real-time threat intelligence to keep everyone in the loop. This creates a collaborative environment where employees feel valued, and their contributions are recognised.

Ahmad Al Qadri, CEO at Evanssion, said “In the face of rising cyber threats exploiting human vulnerabilities, our collaboration with ThreatCop is crucial for implementing a robust People Security Management (PSM) framework. This aligns with our commitment to enhancing cybersecurity resilience in the Middle East, envisioning a proactive, people-centric approach to safeguarding organizations.”

Pavan Kushwaha, CEO at Threatcop, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We can achieve great progress in providing People Security Management to the Middle East market by collaborating with Evanssion. We can provide organizations the tools they need to create a security culture that motivates staff and protects against online attacks. We are eager to start this adventure together and are optimistic about the difference we can create.”

About Threatcop:

Threatcop, a pioneer in People Security Management (PSM), a unique approach that empowers employees to be the first line of defense against cyber threats. Their AAPE framework guides this approach through four key stages: Assess vulnerabilities through simulations, Aware employees with engaging training, Protect with robust email security, and Empower individuals to report threats effectively. This focus on human behaviour helps organizations move beyond traditional technical solutions and build a comprehensive security culture. The company has enabled over 750+ organisations across 30+ countries to build an impenetrable defence against cyber-attacks. They cater to diverse industries, from finance and healthcare to e-commerce and cloud services. Learn more at

About Evanssion:

Evanssion is a value-added distributor (VAD) specialized in delivering Cybersecurity and Cloud-Native Security solutions across the Middle East & Africa. Built on the foundation of identifying and providing early access to technology disruptors from the hotspots of innovation, we proactively work with our customers and partners in addressing their most critical challenges. Headquartered in Dubai, we have been operating across the region for more than 12 years and have been consistently delivering niche cybersecurity solutions across key verticals such as BFSI, Telco’s, Government, Federal, and Large Enterprise. For more information, visit