With Promon SHIELD™, you can easily protect your app in minutes. While ensuring the utmost security and flexibility, we make mobile app protection seamless and quick to deploy.



Mobile app security you can trust

With Promon’s mobile app security solutions, you can easily and proactively protect your mobile apps in minutes. Promon delivers products that are easy to integrate with your programming language of choice, so you don’t have to change your coding workflow to use our solutions.

Solutions Offered


Promon SHIELD’s RASP capabilities ensure the integrity of your mobile apps. It detects malware, man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, and jailbreaking/rooting before the application even loads on the mobile device. SHIELD secures the app from both known and unknown attack vectors, allows for effective scaling across multiple apps, and provides a powerful tool for businesses to address compliance requirements.

Unlike security solutions that monitor and test vulnerabilities, Promon SHIELD can detect and prevent real-time attacks. Your app is shielded and becomes self-protecting in any environment it is released into.

Code obfuscation

Promon SHIELD protects against static attacks, such as unauthorized tampering and reverse engineering. It effectively prevents intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, customer churn, and reputational damage. SHIELD is heavily obfuscated where you need it the most, around the security checks. It also cryptographically binds itself to the app, which means that if SHIELD is gone, the app will not be able to run.


Promon SHIELD’s mobile app security capabilities are designed to meet personal identifiable information, payments, and healthcare-related compliance standards such as EMVCo SBMP, GDPR, PSD2, PCI, CCPA, and HIPAA. It reduces the risk of data breaches, malware, and data leakage for threats that occur at runtime and at rest.

Secure app data

Hardcoding app secrets directly into the source code is a common strategy for many app developers. This is, however, not enough to protect your secrets properly, and hackers can easily retrieve them by reverse engineering.

Implementing app asset protection early in the design phase is a device-agnostic way of securing your application while saving time and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

API Protection

To address API security challenges, Promon App Attestation module helps you verify the integrity and authenticity of your mobile apps accessing your APIs in real-time to ensure that they have not been compromised or tampered with. With SHIELD App Attestation, a challenge-response mechanism is used to ensure that the API call is made by a genuine application on a secure device.

Each challenge response is unique, making it difficult for hackers to exploit and reducing the risk of replay attacks. Promon SHIELD™ App Attestation ensures that you don't have to worry even if the APIs and their keys are leaked.

The Jigsaw engine

Promon Jigsaw, the world’s first cross-platform, post-compile, native obfuscation engine, eliminates next-generation cyber threats. Extending Promon SHIELD™’s capabilities, the Jigsaw engine safeguards binary code across all platforms from repackaging attacks, unauthorized code manipulation, and sophisticated reverse engineering. With a low-code deployment, it caters to various industries like gaming, finance, media, healthcare, and defense, offering seamless configuration and fine-grained control.

About Promon

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