The Nex-Gen Software Delivery Platform

Ozone is an advanced CI/CD platform that focuses on eliminating workflow challenges of a DevOps team. Ozone automates containerized and decentralized application deployments across hybrid cloud and diverse blockchain networks. The platform integrates seamlessly with major tools across CI, CD, analytics, security, and automation to support your software delivery end to end for even the most complex scenarios. It minimizes coding and empowers DevOps teams through a standardized and templated approach to building pipelines.

What differentiates Us


Goodbye to manual tool orchestration and complicated workflows. Multiple teams can deploy and scale seamlessly from one platform across various infrastructures by onboarding all their toolchains while Ozone abstracts away all the complexities.

High performance

On-demand scaling immobilizes DevOps teams. Ozone’s 100+ pre-defined tasks provided as templates help teams to quickly configure pipelines in the GUI configurator. This standardized low-code approach helps deploy and scale smartly across infrastructures within minutes.

Secure by design

Securing DevOps end-to-end is cumbersome. Take control of your code with comprehensive RBAC, LDAP, and shift-left security scans to deploy securely with dynamic secret injections into pipelines. Private tunnel with whitelisted and secured communication for deployments, monitoring, and logging lets you tackle private deployments with no worries.

Faster feedback for Quality Deployment

Built-in integrations with 3rd party tools give greater visibility into your CI/CD pipelines which help tackle fragmented workflows for better visibility and performance. With this, the result of your builds and tests is reported in real-time to enable quick iterations to ship new features faster.

DevSecOps for CI/CD

A centralized platform can collect, store, and analyze data, and offer a holistic view of an organization’s governance maturity. This uniform reporting and enhanced visibility from Ozone across all major phases of DevOps help in automation for better DevSecOps across CI/CD, thus helping deploy securly at lightning speed.

Solutions offered:

Continuous Delivery

Take the advantage of faster deployments and instant rollbacks to ship modern apps across Docker, Kubernetes, container & Helm.

Continuous Integration

Build smart to scale fast! Take the advantage of quicker builds and seamless integrations, with Ozone’s container-native solution.


Shift-left with decoupled security scans and secret management to improve your DevOps visibility.

Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Management

Attach or provision any Kubernetes clusters across clouds with monitoring and logging within a single screen.


Expand the potential of your apps with meaningful insights across multi-cloud deployments.

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