Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

About us

Stars can’t shine without darkness – NorthStar is a cybersecurity software company with an accomplished track record of InfoSec consulting. We focus on providing the visibility needed to track and reduce risk through risk-based vulnerability management and vulnerability exploit prediction.

“NorthStar is uniquely positioned in the security technology market as a holistic system that provides asset detection and inventory capabilities, configuration, and vulnerability stats reporting, and intelligence for measuring risk management effectiveness. No other security technology provides the same portfolio of features and function as NorthStar.”

– The 2112 Group

ExtraHop was founded with a clear mission: to help organizations stop advanced threats with security that can’t be undermined, outsmarted, or compromised. We created a fundamentally new way to harness the power of network intelligence at the speed and scale of business. Our Reveal(x) 360 platform combines the power of cloud-scale AI with the simplicity of SaaS to defend against advanced threats like supply chain attacks, APTs, and zero days, providing security from core to cloud to edge. Cyberattackers can’t hide on the network, but ExtraHop can, giving security teams a secret weapon to detect threats, investigate incidents, and stop breaches fast—before they compromise your business.

What differentiates Us

Active Sensing Fabric

Captures hard-to-reach telemetry and extends actionability closer to the point of threat inception.

Autonomous Integrations

Enable connections to any API or security tool with minimal effort.

Adaptable Playbooks

Enable teams to quickly and easily build modular, repeatable playbooks that enrich and process real-time data while bringing humans into the automation loop when necessary.

Case Management and CISO Dashboards and Reports

allow organizations to rethink their SIEM strategy and expand upon the limitations of XDR to better show the business value of security, triage threats faster, and gain a system of record for security.

Solutions offered:

About us

Swimlane is the largest and fastest-growing pure-play security automation company. Our platform is trusted by major security-forward organizations and we are recognized as the #1 rated security automation platform. Our mission is to prevent breaches and enable continuous compliance via a low-code security automation platform that serves as the system of record for the entire security organization.

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CYBER RANGES for Governments

The CYBER RANGES technology and services assist government entities all over the world in promoting further action towards secure digital ecosystems needed for their nation’s transformation and growth, by implementing effective policies to ensure a coordinated cyber security strategy, to maintain an effective balance of power in cyberspace, thanks to both its own skillset and strong allies, and to respond to the current and next security challenges.

There is an urgent need to address the growing cybercapacity gap between developed and developing countries by fostering knowledge, upskilling, and building competencies. This gap needs addressing by building capacity in terms of digital infrastructure, digital skills, and resources in the developing world.