LayerX Enterprise Browser Extension Turns Any Browser into a Protected and Manageable Workspace


The Complete Enterprise Browser Security Platform

LayerX was purpose-built to monitor, analyze, and protect against web-borne cyber threats and data risks. Delivered as an enterprise browser extension, LayerX natively integrates with any browser. Using LayerX, organizations gain comprehensive protection against all browsing risks and threats that target the browser directly or attempt to utilize it as a bridge to the organization’s devices, apps, and data.

Solutions Offered


Prevent exposure of internal data in ungoverned websites and applications.

  • Prevention of insecure uploads
  • Malicious insider protection
  • Governance of data download to unmanaged devices


Mitigate any exposure risk to your sensitive data on ChatGPT and all other GenAI tools.

  • Sensitive data paste prevention
  • GenAI browser extension disablement

Browser Ext. Protection

Block malicious or risky extensions to protect passwords, cookies, identities, and other browser stored data from compromise.

  • Risky extensions detection
  • Disabling the malicious extension downloading

SaaS Apps Discovery, DLP,& Protection

Eliminate shadow SaaS, prevent data leakage, and harden apps’ security posture across all your sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS and web apps.

  • Shadow SaaS discovery
  • User account activity monitoring SaaS DLP

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Protection

Enable your workforce to securely access internal resources from unmanaged devices.

  • Least-privilege access policies
  • Protection against on-device malware
  • Security posture assessment for unmanaged devices

0-Hour Protection Against Browser-borne Threats

Gain real-time protection against all web-based attacked that couldn’t be prevented before.

  • Browser patch management
  • Phishing/social engineering pages detection
  • Malicious web page activity disablement

The browser has become the #1 workspace in the modern organization, and the #1 security risk. LayerX enables enterprises to make sure any browser can be managed and protected”

Or Eshed
Co-Founder & CEO, LayerX
layerx ceo - evanssion vendors

About LayerX

LayerX is the user-first browser security platform that turns any browser into the most protected and manageable workspace, while maintaining top user experience. LayerX is the pioneer of AI-based high-resolution monitoring, risk analysis and control of all users’ browser activities to enable the enterprise workforce to access any web resource from any device while ensuring protection from the wide range of web-borne risks. Led by seasoned veterans of IDF cyber units and the cybersecurity industry, LayerX is reshaping the way cybersecurity is practiced and managed by making the browser a key pillar in enterprise cybersecurity.

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