Cyber Defence Platform enabling ASCA, Digital Forensic Analysis, Threat Hunting, and Asset Analysis.

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CyberCyte EAR

CyberCyte is a cyber security vendor offering a Blue Team Platform for Automated Security Control Assessment(ASCA), Digital Forensic Analysis, and Cyber Asset Management through a new visibility layer with easy customization no other product can offer. The solution immediately identifies security gaps and creates a consolidated analysis framework for cyber assets, threats, and vulnerabilities against security controls. Cybersecurity professionals can minimize the risks faster and easier through a simplified remediation and response framework.

Provide a single classification and risk-scoring framework to reduce the noise from excessive security alerts.

Enable immediate identification of security gaps.

Create a consolidated visibility for assets, threats, and vulnerabilities for accurate prioritization.

Discover and remediate configuration gaps based on CIS, DoD, BSI, and MSFT security baselines.

Enable the discovery of unknown forensic artifacts to identify malicious and uncompliant activity.

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