Cyber Ranges

CYBER RANGES delivers World-Class Cyber Security Training and Capability Development Exercises

CYBER RANGES is the ultimate, all-in-one, simulation-based platform which offers holistic, beginner-to-expert, experiential learning paths in cyber security. Learn, train, test, measure and improve your own or your team’s cyber security competence and your organization’s resilience using our next-gen military-grade CYBER RANGES platform, technology and services.

What differentiates Us

Training and Re-Skilling

We specialize in training and re-skilling cyber security professionals all over the world using world-class, deep-dive, simulation technology.

Experiential Style

We provide you with the opportunity to gain and apply critical, hands-on competencies in life-like environments to build muscle memory.

Real-World Scenarios

Our cyber security experiences are delivered through real-world scenarios so that security operators and managers can deal with real threats.

Realistic Simulations

  • Comprehensive library of off-the-shelf scenarios
  • Replicate corporate infrastructures
  • Use real systems and applications
  • Scalable to 1,000’s of simultaneous virtual machines (VM’s)
  • MITRE ATT&CK Scenarios
  • Multiple attack techniques
  • Multiple CVEs

Team-Based Scenarios

  • Each team has access to its own virtual environment
  • Team performance is affected by team members
  • Access to virtual environments is decided by the team

Scenario Composer

  • Create your own realistic scenarios
  • Leverage the library of commercial systems & applications
  • Collaboratively replicate complex IT/OT infrastructures
  • Easily repurpose existing scenarios to meet your objectives


  • One-click creation of large-scale multi-user events
  • Multiple isolated networks or shared networks
  • Automatic orchestration of attack simulations
  • Red vs. Blue Team exercises
  • Competency assessments
  • Event management

Injector Engine

  • Agent-based attacks and user traffic simulation engine
  • Background traffic simulation
  • Stateful attack injections
  • Simulation of false-positive attacks
  • Red team automation
  • Configurable attack library, APT’s from MITRE ATT&CK
  • Live injections during scenarios
  • Configurable IP address pools
  • Automatic orchestration of attacks

“The cyber security industry has clearly shown practice-based talent development to be the crucial contributor to cyber capability and resilience for organizations and nations.”

Dr. Al Graziano

Solutions offered:

About us

CYBER RANGES is the ultimate, all-in-one, simulation-based platform which offers holistic, beginner-to-expert, experiential learning paths in cyber security.

CYBER RANGES leverages on the two-decade all-round experience of Silensec. Silensec is an international Information Security Management, Training and Technology with offices in Cyprus (EU), the United Kingdom, Kenya, Canada, and the USA. Established in England in 2006, Silensec specializes in the design, development and delivery of products and services in the domains of IT Governance, Security Audits and Assessments, Value-Added System Integration, Managed Security with a 24×7 SOC, and Security Training. Silensec is ISO 27001-certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

Previously known as Silensec Cyber Range, CYBER RANGES is a wholly owned unit of Silensec for the development and operation of ISO 27001-certified next-generation cyber range platforms and services.
The United Nations’ ITU and Silensec started collaborating in 2014 to providing support on the organization and delivery of the ITU CyberDrills, as well as conducting cybersecurity related training to national Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs). ITU and Silensec further signed a cooperation agreement in August 2018 to use the Silensec Cyber Range platform for ITU CyberDrills. Silensec is also a member of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), a Premium Partner of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and a founding member of the Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA).

Get to know more about CYBER RANGES

CYBER RANGES for Governments

The CYBER RANGES technology and services assist government entities all over the world in promoting further action towards secure digital ecosystems needed for their nation’s transformation and growth, by implementing effective policies to ensure a coordinated cyber security strategy, to maintain an effective balance of power in cyberspace, thanks to both its own skillset and strong allies, and to respond to the current and next security challenges.

There is an urgent need to address the growing cybercapacity gap between developed and developing countries by fostering knowledge, upskilling, and building competencies. This gap needs addressing by building capacity in terms of digital infrastructure, digital skills, and resources in the developing world.

CYBER RANGES for Military and Law Enforcement

Cyber security protects military and law enforcement networks and the country against cyber attacks from enemy forces and cyber criminals. The nature and scope of conflicts and security are changing and becoming infinitely more complex. Conventional conflicts have increasingly been replaced by hybrid warfare perpetrated by both state and non-state bad actors with asymmetric warfare and hybrid threats. Cyber security is a source of expertise for the proper deployment, support, and defense of strategic and tactical information networks. However, practice in a live-fire range or through FTX, LIVEX and Command Post exercises or running Exercise Studies may come with high costs, time constraints and operational disruption, even if justified by high-fidelity scenario objectives.

Defence agencies need to ally with the technology industry. Deploying CYBER RANGES to turn your NCOs into ethical hackers and beyond offers great advantages. CYBER RANGES powered training enables a nation’s Armed Forces to re-train personnel from active service to civilian cyber security roles through fast efficient repeatable workforce development programmes.

Sector agencies and public research institutions are provided with immediate actionable information and intelligence, including the level of proficiency attained during the exercises through competency-based scoring and assessment, whether based on NIST NICE or other custom performance criteria.

CYBER RANGES for Critical Infrastructure

"Cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure and manufacturing are more likely to target industrial control systems than steal data". There is no doubt that growing digitalization and IoT may create a perfect cyber security storm, increasing the surface for cyberattacks against a nation’s critical infrastructure. Confidence in data and systems security is vital if society is to benefit from the potential efficiencies that IoT can bring. Public confidence is just as important for the SCADA systems that keep aircraft in the air as it is for the IT platforms that underpin mobile banking.

Power generation and distribution are more complex and connected than ever before. Vulnerability of critical infrastructure and technical failures are real concerns among security specialists and insurers. Main sector targets of hacktivists are: energy, transportation, public services (such as smart cities, citizenship portals, etc.), telcos and critical manufacturing. Cyberattacks against critical infrastructure and manufacturing are more likely to target industrial control systems than steal data. While IT infrastructure has given rise to an army of cyber security consultants, products and services, industrial control systems by comparison are not well served. This is where CYBER RANGES comes in to address the lack of competencies on critical infrastructure cyber security and to support the proof of concepts towards the advancing digital transformation of Industry 4.0.

CYBER RANGES for Corporate and Business

The fast, thorough digitization of a company’s supply chain network with IT/OT/IoT and its operational intertwining into industry and market ecosystems up to multinational digital single markets is negatively affected by two main cyber security factors: the identified worldwide skills gap, the increasing complexity of the central and endpoint technologies to roll out and integrate. Your company’s surface to attacks is expanding and the threat landscape is evolving fast, with more creative cyber attackers and evolving cybercrime models. The preparedness of businesses also relies on their SOC, Incident Response and Blue Teams’ ability to train and keep their muscle memory up to date, to increase organization cyber posture and overall resilience.

Making use of a cyber range does not have to be necessarily a six-figure expense requiring significant time to integrate disparate technologies to simulate real-world infrastructure and required experiences. Whether you are selecting candidates for cybersecurity roles, exercising your team and your ecosystem partners in-house or through industry-wide cyber drills, and looking for a fully featured sandboxed environment where to safely detonate the latest attack vectors or to test new technologies, policies and playbooks, or providers, you can look no further than CYBER RANGES.

CYBER RANGES for Academia and Training Providers

Schools, colleges, universities and training providers need to equip people (as young as 14-18 y.o.) with a holistic cyber security skillset, covering the relevant technical and soft skills that employers demand, and the ability to implement those skills in a business context. Many employers can benefit from broadening their recruitment practices, to employ more career starters, apprentices, graduates, people transitioning from other sectors or roles outside cyber security, and those from diverse groups. Cyber security is no longer just a talent domain reserved to the military and law enforcement agencies.

Practice-based competency assessments requires the design of simultaneous virtual labs and their execution and coordination. When the delivery of hands-on content is not controlled by the instructor and proctored by observers, whether on campus or via remote delivery, the assessment of large numbers of learners’ practice-based competencies becomes very difficult and it must be achieved through other solutions run in parallel, which add usability, complexity and cost issues.

Fortunately, CYBER RANGES by Silensec addresses all the issues, boosts your Centre of Cyber Security Excellence outreach, and your Institutional visibility in the national cybersecurity programmes!