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Dev-Centric Enterprise Dynamic Application Security Testing

The rising security incidents associated with application and API vulnerabilities highlight the inadequacy of traditional application security methods, prompting industry experts to advocate a Shift Left testing approach. This approach, however, is challenging due to the huge number of developers and the backlog of code needing scrutiny, a problem compounded by the shortcomings of legacy Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions that aren't developer-centric and often lack in comprehensive API testing.

Bright Security introduces a modern, developer-first solution for web application and API security testing, generating swift and precise vulnerability reports with minimal false-positives. Along with providing intelligible remediation guidelines, it integrates seamlessly with existing DevOps CI/CD processes for an efficient security testing approach. Bright’s DAST solution automates vulnerability validation, allowing developers to focus on remediation. By prioritizing based on accurate vulnerability data, you can diminish security and technical debt, enhancing the overall resilience of your applications.

  • Test web apps & APIs for critical vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC - Bright empowers Application Security & Development teams to find and fix vulnerabilities iteratively at every step in the SDLC, without slowing them down.

  • Empower developers with an easy to use IDE plugin - Bright's DAST empowers developers by placing the power of security scanning directly into their hands. It is designed so that even those without extensive security expertise can utilize the tool effectively, ensuring that its use does not hinder the development process.

  • Integrate with SAST to minimise false positives and eliminate AppSec noise - Combine the power of DAST & DAST to cut through the clutter and focus on genuine threats, ensuring a streamlined and efficient security protocol that aligns with your development needs.

Solution Offered

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Secure apps & APIs against critical vulnerabilities at development speed, with minimal false positives.
Accelerate DevOps with seamless security integration.

About Bright Security

Bright’s mission is to enable organizations to ship secure Applications and APIs at the speed of business. We do this by enabling quick & iterative scans to identify true and critical security vulnerabilities without compromising on quality, or software delivery speeds.

Bright empowers AppSec teams to provide the governance for securing APIs and web apps while enabling developers to take ownership of the actual security testing and remediation work early in the SDLC.

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