Project Manager

Job Description

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  • Work with business, engineering, and product teams to form an understanding of the requirements and processes of existing systems. Create deep learning and machine learning algorithms that can be applied to address business needs and provide business insights.
  • Apply advanced deep learning and machine learning techniques to form a deep understanding of customer behavior and products. Create decision-support and decision-making systems based on such learning results.
  • Participate in cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence (i.e), deep learning and machine learning algorithms and applications.


  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Have 3 years hands-on experience applying machine learning techniques to solve real-world problem, and architecting, training and analyzing for at least one of the following applications: Object detection, Image segmentation, Sensor fusion, temporal fusion (tracking).
  • Have certification from trusted institutions recognized by professional organizations.
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