Evanssion's DNA is around providing early access to niche technologies from the hotpots of innovation to customers in the Middle East. While business and IT challenges are in general identical for customers anywhere in the world, the access to technology solutions that address these challenges trickle down to the Middle East very slowly. With our depth and breadth of understanding customer expectations and technology offerings, we help Middle East customers reap benefits from niche and early stage technology the same way any other global company would.

Vendor Perspective

  • Proven evangelization model with experienced management team
  • Vendor representation with passion and knowhow of the technology domain
  • Accelerate growth with rapid market penetration
  • Impactful partner & end customer engagement
  • Access to key decision makers in over 200 enterprises & 100 systems integrators in the region
  • Proven lead generation & channel enablement programs
  • Proactive partner network with strong relationships
  • Self-sufficient partner for sales, pre-sales & support
  • Quick turnaround time for customer engagements

Partner Perspective

  • Unlock business potential in Cyber Cloud Security
  • Provide differentiated value with vision for Software Defined Data Center & Security
  • Onboard innovative technologies with local sales & pre-sales support
  • Impactful joint sales calls with customers
  • Access to excellent pre-sales team, marketing, lab, demo and certified trainings
  • Enhancement of overall business from existing and new customers
  • Well established logistics network and processes
  • Joint sales, lead generation programs and marketing activities
  • Partner rebate and incentive schemes
  • Sales, technical & financial support

Customer Perspective

  • Adopt proven ICT technologies to enable business
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts in Cloud Infrastructure, VDI & Information Security
  • Build next generation technology infrastructure
  • Experienced & trusted local team
  • Access to Customer Experience Center
  • Streamline expenditures by adoption of next generation technologies
  • Proven service delivery model via channel network
  • Continuous building of knowledge & expertise
  • Consultative sales engagement
  • Industry certified team providing top expertise