The leader in low-code security automation.

Swimlane is the largest and fastest-growing pure-play security automation company. Swimlane Turbine is the world’s most-capable low-code security automation and SOAR platform that unifies security operations in and beyond the SOC. The platform significantly reduces process and data fatigue, while helping security leaders overcome chronic staffing shortages and more easily quantify business value and the efficacy of security operations. Customers benefit by uniting disparate alerts, tools, processes and teams for a faster and more effective security and incident response.

What differentiates Us

Active Sensing Fabric

Captures hard-to-reach telemetry and extends actionability closer to the point of threat inception.

Autonomous Integrations

Enable connections to any API or security tool with minimal effort.

Adaptable Playbooks

Enable teams to quickly and easily build modular, repeatable playbooks that enrich and process real-time data while bringing humans into the automation loop when necessary.

Case Management and CISO Dashboards and Reports

allow organizations to rethink their SIEM strategy and expand upon the limitations of XDR to better show the business value of security, triage threats faster, and gain a system of record for security.

Solutions offered:

Swimlane Turbine: Your SecOps Force Multiplier

The Swimlane Turbine platform is a force multiplier for security operations with its ability to ingest, enrich and action dramatically larger and more diverse data sets. The low-code security automation platform is approachable enough for those with no coding experience and sophisticated enough to satisfy the most demanding security organizations.

About us

Swimlane is the largest and fastest-growing pure-play security automation company. Our platform is trusted by major security-forward organizations and we are recognized as the #1 rated security automation platform. Our mission is to prevent breaches and enable continuous compliance via a low-code security automation platform that serves as the system of record for the entire security organization.

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