The Fly-Direct Secure Web Gateway

4x Performance

Up to 4x faster performance than legacy SWGs.


On-device proxy, on-device SSL inspection. Your data won’t leave you.


Less than 100 MB of RAM with intelligent processing.

Solutions offered:

Redesigned Architecture for Data Privacy and Speed

Our invisible endpoint delivers everything a SWG needs on-device. We’ve completely cut out the data centre—start decrypting your traffic directly on the endpoint in its “safe zone,” your data never has to leave your sight again. As you fly direct from device to internet, you’ll experience a seamless browsing experience and you’ll never get downgraded to HTTP/1.1. And, if our cloud is down, your policy remains intact.

Cloud-Managed Endpoint

On a single console, access analytics, configure policies, monitor endpoints, and more across all users. Gone are the days where you have to log into separate consoles. Plus, your endpoints will auto-update with any new builds released.

Mac Native and Windows

Every OS is a first-class passenger. We’re committed to support customers on Day 1, including the new Apple Silicon M1. All features are identical for both Mac and Windows.

Single Sign-On and Automatic Syncing

Sign into the console using your corporate Google or Microsoft 365 account. Easily import your users and groups at the click of a button. You’ll stay synced—if a user leaves, their access is automatically revoked. If a user’s group changes, their policy assignment follows suit.

Smarter Policy Writing

We built policy writing with small to large companies in mind. Create custom URL Filtering policies and block personal accounts across Cloud Apps—Microsoft O365, Google, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, and Cisco Webex.


Discover how your users access the Internet every day. Toggle through policy violations, screen time, application usage, and more. With Shadow IT, identify corporate vs personal account differentiation and AWS account IDs and Slack workspaces. Use analytics to re-evaluate your policies and focus on the details. We’ve got the visibility you need

About us

We’re streamlining cybersecurity. No stopovers. No outages. No re-routed traffic. Our on-device proxy and LLM-powered CASB ensure a direct, invisible internet experience. Whether your company is small or large, we provide a first-class experience with the easiest deployment process in the industry.

It’s not that we’re mad at yesterday’s solutions—just disappointed. So we made it dope.

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