Cloud Security

  • Next-Gen CASB

    Bitglass is the Next-Generation Cloud Security Company that offers end-to-end data protection for any app, on any device, anywhere. With support for managed apps and services like Office 365 and AWS, as well as unmanaged apps like personal Dropbox and social media, Bitglass is built to protect corporate data in real time across your most critical enterprise applications.

    Only Bitglass provides granular data protection, zero-day threat protection, robust identity and access management, and comprehensive visibility, all without agents. For more information visit

  • Cybersecurity, Web Security and Bot Mitigation

    Cequence Security, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is a venture-backed startup focused on delivering highly automated, application security software solutions for today’s hyper-connected organizations.

    Cequence is committed to developing solutions that will not only significantly strengthen the security postures of its customers, but will also deliver the automation needed to improve the productivity and efficiency of its IT staff. The Cequence Security leadership team previously contributed to the growth and success of Palo Alto Networks and Symantec. Find out more at

  • Centralized Risk and Control

    varmour is the leader in centralized risk and control. Hundreds of companies worldwide rely on the varmour to consistently and effectively apply security controls across hybrid clouds, reduce the attack surface, and maintain continuous compliance. Powered by its Security Graph technology, varmour helps enterprises gain a clearer picture of application relationships and how they are interconnected across their diverse environments.

    With the ability to easily integrate with existing IT and security infrastructure, varmour enables enterprises to unlock more value out of the investments they’ve already made.

    From vulnerability reduction, to monitoring and detection, to incident response, to compliance, varmour’s relationship-based approach is an elegant solution for a complex problem. For more information visit