Cloud Native

  • Application Security

    Code Dx, Inc. provides an application security management solution that orchestrates, automates, and consolidates results from AppSec testing tools. With integrations with more than seventy commercial and open source tools, popular issue trackers like Jira

    Continuous integration engines like TeamCity, Jenkins, and others, Code Dx can be implemented into any application security process to immediately and dramatically reduce testing time and costs. Find out more at

  • Unified Application Security

    Hdiv Security, a pioneer enabling application self-protection since 2008, is the first product in its class offering protection against Security Bugs and Business Logic Flaws throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Hdiv Security's unified platform makes DevSecOps a reality. Hdiv's solutions (RASP & IAST) are currently used by Government, Banking, Aerospace and Fortune 500 companies.

    The company is privately held and headquartered in San Sebastián (Spain) and complies with standards set by European and North American cybersecurity agencies. For more information visit

  • NeuVector - DevOps to Run-time - Protection without Compromise

    Enterprises are racing to architect enterprise-wide container strategies for multi-cloud and on-prem platforms. These Kubernetes, Docker and OpenShift environments operate at highly automated scale with hundreds, and even thousands, of containers continuously interacting. Critical vulnerabilities can open the door to hackers, requiring scanning at all stages of the pipeline.

    The combination of east-west container traffic explosion, low network visibility and legacy security tools leave security teams blind and at-risk. NeuVector delivers a complete lifecycle container security platform with the industry’s only multi-vector container firewall, delivering vulnerability scanning combined with true Level-7 container network protection. Leading enterprises around the globe choose NeuVector because they know run-time container security without deep network protection leaves you vulnerable.

  • NowSecure

    NowSecure is the mobile app security and privacy software company trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations and most advanced security teams. Only NowSecure delivers fully automated mobile app security and privacy testing software and expert mobile pen testing services with the depth, speed, accuracy, and efficiency to meet modern business demands.

    With over a decade of mobile-first, mobile-only experience, NowSecure identifies the broadest array of security threats, compliance gaps, and privacy risks. NowSecure protects millions of mobile app users across banking, insurance, high tech, IOT, retail, hospitality, energy and government sectors. Find out more at