Cloud Transformation

VDI Planning Workshop

A successful Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) includes more than virtualization software, server and storage technologies. To recognize the operational cost savings and benefits of the VDI solution, you must also have the right processes and support structures to manage the physical and virtual desktop system throughout its life cycle.

Together, we explore your current environment, goals, objectives and requirements. We also review your resources, the products available to meet your needs, the implementation process and the processes for maintaining the solution after implementation.

Following the VDI Transformation Workshop, you receive a written summary of the topics we discussed throughout the workshop and our recommendations based upon those discussions. Most importantly, you get a Strategic Roadmap for implementing these recommendations—a roadmap for a complete solution that delivers maximum value to your organization.

About the VDI Transformation Workshop

The objective of the one to two-day workshop is to help you develop a virtual infrastructure that provides your workforce with a virtual desktop that performs as good or better than with a physical system, while providing your IT staff with the operational efficiencies to be more agile to the business and to reduce cost. The goals are to:

  • Centralize the deployment and management of desktop systems to the data center
  • Increase the agility and flexibility of IT to respond to desktop needs and changes
  • Significantly decrease IT desktop support costs through automated provisioning and reduced desktop failure rates

During the workshop, we will facilitate a structured meeting to

  • Gain an understanding of your needs and requirements for a VDI solution
  • Examine your current data center and desktop environment
  • Discuss and review the different VDI technologies and solutions
  • Talk about and review how image and patch management technologies integrate with a VDI solution
  • Explore infrastructure management technologies and solutions

Following the workshop, you will receive

  • A high level recommendation for a VDI solution
  • A strategic roadmap to guide your organization from the current state to the desired future state

Who Should Attend

We recommend key managers and decision makers with the following responsibilities attend this workshop.

  • Desktop Operations
  • Desktop Help Desk and Desk Side Support
  • Operating System and Application Packaging/Deployment
  • Network Operations Center
  • Server and Storage Staff
  • Virtualization Operations

Review VDI Goals and Objectives

  • Drivers for VDI
  • Targeted user groups
  • Success criteria

Explore Current State

  • Applications used by the user groups
  • Locations of the user groups and how they access the corporate network
  • How desktop Operating Systems and Applications are managed and monitored today
  • Deployment and packaging tools (imaging, application, patch, management, etc.) used today
  • Virtualization technologies in place today
  • Infrastructure (server, storage, desktop, network) overview

Define Future State

  • Desired VDI features and capabilities
  • Planned infrastructure or architecture changes (i.e. LAN/WAN upgrades, storage upgrades, etc.)
  • Timeline for VDI implementation and completion

Evanssion Recommendations

  • Overview of current or near-term VDI technologies and solutions
  • Advice on VDI components
  • Prioritized strategic roadmap for implementing the recommendations