Information Security

Risk Analysis for Cyber Security

Skybox Security provides a comprehensive platform to automate security management processes such as vulnerability management, threat management, firewall security policies, and firewall change management.


The Skybox Security solutions portfolio includes:

Vulnerability and Threat Management – a next-generation solution that automates and integrates continuous vulnerability discovery, analysis, and remediation, featuring:

  • Skybox Vulnerability Control (formerly Risk Control) – The only integrated security management solution that combines vulnerability discovery, automatic risk prioritization, and remediation workflow to effectively reduce cyber risks.
  • Skybox Threat Manager – Evaluates the latest threat intelligence against the context of an organization’s assets, highlighting potential business impacts and automatically prioritizing vital threats.
  • Skybox Firewall Assurance – Examines firewall rules and configurations automatically to keep the network secure, optimized and in compliance with regulations and policies with minimal effort.
  • Skybox Network Assurance – Provides complete visibility of the network topology and fast answers to network device configuration and connectivity questions in seconds.
  • Skybox Change Manager – Automates the workflow of firewall change management process.