Information Security

Evanssion Solution Portfolio

Evanssion believes in building security for tomorrow’s threats, today. With this purpose in mind we have assembled some of the best Security Technologies to protect your organization from ever changing threats. We have selected them based on our rigorous selection process and key principals in information security.


Our key principals in Information Security are:

  • Reduce Attack surface – Continuously
  • Prepare for the disaster in the absence of disaster
  • Provide access only when needed
  • Protect and track data wherever it goes
  • You cannot protect what you cannot see
  • Ability to detect incidents early is the hallmark of good security organization
  • Every change internal or external environment makes your security controls ineffective – constantly review and enhance them
  • Information Security is right mix of Technology, Process and People
  • Threats are always advanced, how advanced is your security control?
  • Today’s data centers are borderless, is your security?