Cloud Transformation

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

Cohesity DataPlatform is the only hyperconverged platform designed to consolidate and manage all your secondary data at web scale – including backups, test/dev copies, files, analytics data, and objects. DataPlatform provides distributed storage with best-in-class space efficiency, efficient copy data management, and native cloud integration. The platform incorporates data management functions for converged data protection, in-place analytics, and copy data management to automate DevOps workflows.

Simplifying Secondary Storage

Traditional secondary storage is fragmented and inefficient. It consumes about 80% of enterprise storage capacity as data is copied on average 10 to 12 times across individual storage appliances in support of different use cases like backup, analytics, test/dev, files and objects. To move data to the public cloud, organizations have to deploy yet another silo in the form of a cloud gateway.

Cohesity transforms this complex infrastructure with a simple, elegant solution. Cohesity DataPlatform eliminates secondary storage silos with a single, purpose-built hyperconverged platform. The Cohesity solution enables organizations to cut their total cost of ownership by 80% or more compared to traditional solutions.

How Cohesity Works

Hyperconverged Platform Designed for Secondary Data

Cohesity is the only hyperconverged platform designed to consolidate secondary data at web scale. The power of the Cohesity platform derives from combining distributed storage, scale-out compute, native cloud integration, and converged data management in one simple unified solution.