Dynamic Detection

  • Machine Learning + Behavioral Inspection = Dynamic Detection

Unlike 1st generation behavioral systems that leverage heuristics based analysis for threat detection, Cyphort’s innovative Dynamic DetectionTM method utilizes a Machine Learning engine combined with Behaviorial Inspection analytics to adapt to evolving malware and new threat techniques, including evasion tactics.

  • Defeat evasion with adaptive sandbox array

Cyphort’s Array of Sandboxes including virtualization and system emulation combined with a deep understanding of evasion and cloaking techniques allows the detection of evasion by ensuring that malicious code elicits enough behavior to make a determination.

  • Detect obfuscated, multi-part threats

Cyphort’s architecture has the capability to track multi-part attacks that employ obfuscation, or fragmentation to avoid detection with rst generation APT solutions. By tracking users interaction with external sites, the system can e ectively replay the entire interaction the same way an endpoint would be compromised, ensuring the inspection environment is able to retrieve the same payload that would detonate on an endpoint.

  • Unsurpassed relevance with Custom Golden Image Sandbox

Cyphort allows customers to create and customize their own behavior analysis sandbox environments (Golden Image) mimicking the applications and endpoint protection solutions they have on their actual endpoints. This ability helps customers assess the impact of malware crossing the network in their own environment allowing laser focus to the threats that are known to compromise the endpoint systems, optimizing incident response resources to deal with the threat.