Deployment Versatility

  • The Cyphort decoupled architectural advantage

The Cyphort solution is delivered as software that can be installed on general-purpose servers, virtual machines and AWS cloud environments. The solution is designed to be scalable and distributed across distributed locations. The two key components of the solution are Cyphort Collectors and the Cyphort Core.

  • Cyphort Collectors

Collectors are software-based sensors typically installed on commodity, low cost hardware or as virtual appliances, and are deployed at strategic network locations throughout a customer’s network Internet egress points, data centers or branch o ces. Collectors monitor network tra c out of band, collecting objects to be inspected for the presence of malware or other threat activity. The collectors also monitor outgoing activity for the presence of malicious callbacks from compromised hosts.

  • Cyphort Core

The Cyphort Core is the centralized detection component and contains the advanced threat detection and mitigation logic. Collectors forward the collected network objects and associated metadata to the Cyphort Core for analysis. The Cyphort Core also includes an analytics engine for accurate threat classi cation. The Cyphort Core then correlates the aggregated data across all collectors for veri cation and mitigation of attacks.

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