Information Security

Data Security

Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Mobile Content Management

Organizations need to share files. In fact, over 50% of business processes are document-based including some of the most critical. However, most file sharing solutions have consumer-grade roots, and were not built from the ground up to bake in the security that enterprises need, balanced with the collaboration and mobility features their end users want.

The Functionality Users Want

  • Intuitive Experience: Deliver consumer-like usability that displays perfectly on every device.
  • Productivity: Work from anywhere with files always in sync. Access, synchronize, share and control files on all platforms: web, mobile (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), desktop (Windows, Mac).
  • Mobility: Access, annotate (highlight, comment, draw), edit (Apps and Editor), search (folders, files and content), stream and share files through integrated mobile applications.
  • Internal and External Collaboration: Share files with anyone (internal and external), anywhere, on any device, without losing visibility or control.
  • Large File Transfer: Share extremely large files with colleagues, partners and third parties easily.

WatchDox makes business more mobile and collaborative, while reducing the risk, complexity and cost of sharing information across and beyond your enterprise. The unique data-centric security enables organizations to control synced and shared files wherever they go: on any tablet, smartphone, or PC, even those beyond the IT department’s control.

The Functionality IT Needs

  • Data Protection: Keep sensitive data encrypted and controlled by default, reducing the risk of a breach or loss of intellectual property.
  • Persistent Control: Prohibit unauthorized content copy, edit, print, download or forward. Apply custom, administrative watermarks. Expire access systematically after a project deadline or dynamically when a user leaves the organization.
  • Security: Implement enterprise-level security, including mobile passcode, jailbreak detection, remote document wipe, full tracking, always-on AES-256 encryption (in transit, in use, at rest) and advanced key management (optional HSM).
  • Visibility: Gain visibility into how users are accessing sensitive data and what they do with it, maintaining an audit trail.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Choose to deploy WatchDox in the cloud or on premise.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems, including Outlook, SharePoint, custom web portals, proprietary applications and other content repositories.

WatchDox in the Enterprise

Virtually every business has sensitive information and documents that need to be shared. Hundreds of global companies in nearly every industry have deployed WatchDox for a wide variety of different use cases:

Replace insecure file sharing systems, such as Dropbox and Box, with a secure alternative

  • Enable executives and board members to securely view, edit and annotate highly sensitive documents on their personal iPads and tablets
  • Exchange files through data rooms for M&A and other business transactions
  • Integrate with SharePoint Libraries and other existing file stores to enable mobile access and external collaboration
  • Distribute non-public financial reports to investors
  • Protect intellectual property, such as blueprints, product specs, formulas, scripts and screenplays
  • Extend compliance reach to mobile devices and external collaborations – for SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, GLBA, 21 CFR Part 11, ITAR and other information security regulations
  • Ensure all data stays discoverable for eDiscovery, no matter where it travels


Only one click to sync and share

Enabling IT Transformation, Securely

WatchDox was built to secure information in the collaborative and mobile world of modern IT. It is designed to provide the granular, flexible and powerful security required by IT, while still delivering an elegant and intuitive user experience across web browsers, desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

Where endpoints, networks and technology infrastructure fall short in providing persistent protection, WatchDox uniquely controls and tracks all sensitive corporate assets wherever they go in the course of business.