Correlated Visibility

  • View all correlated lateral and perimeter threat activity

When coupled with Cyphort’s lateral-spread capabilities, customers are able to trace not only how threats enter an organization, but how they are progressing inside the organization, including additional devices that become compromised.

  • Find threats across multiple threat vectors and platforms

See all threats irrespective of which vectors (web, email or le share) they utilize to spread and the platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux) they are targeting.

  • View threats across their Cyber¬†Kill chain lifecycle

Cyphort detects threats across the threat lifecycle and correlates the information as threat changes state across Exploit, Download, Command & Control, Lateral Spread and Internal Threat Activity.

  • Eliminate alert overload

Cyphort dramatically reduces false positives and suppresses the noise from irrelevant threats. Accurate detection combined with the knowledge of intent, target value, cyber kill-chain stage and security posture of the target yields risk- based prioritization for incidence response.