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The Industry’s First Multi-Vector Container Security Platform – NeuVector

Visibility and Security: The NeuVector ‘Multi-Vector Container Security Platform’

NeuVector provides a real-time Kubernetes and OpenShift container security solution that adapts easily to your changing environment and secures containers at their most vulnerable point – during run-time. The declarative security policy ensures that applications scale up or scale down quickly without manual intervention. The NeuVector solution is a Red Hat and Docker Certified container itself which deploys easily on each host, providing a container firewall, host monitoring and security, security auditing with CIS benchmarks, and vulnerability scanning.

Discover Application Behavior and Detect Violations

NeuVector discovers normal connections and application behavior and automatically builds a security policy to protect container based services. Using Layer 7 network inspection, unauthorized connections between containers or from external networks can be logged or blocked without disrupting normal container sessions.

Audit, Scan, Monitor Running Containers & Hosts

NeuVector protects against host break outs and automatically tests for security compliance. All running containers and host OS’s are automatically scanned for vulnerabilities and run the Docker Bench security tests. The scanning tasks are distributed across Enforcers for a real-time, highly scalable image vulnerability analysis. During run-time, hosts and container processes and syscalls are monitored for suspicious activity.

Layers Onto Greenfield and Brownfield Environments

NeuVector is a non-intrusive container which is easily layered onto new greenfield or running brownfield environments. Instantly discover running containers and map application behavior, then monitor and protect them from violations, threats, and vulnerabilities. No agents, embedding into images, or developer coding required.